Coal Board Medicals

A Coal Board Medical is a prerequisite medical examination required for anyone seeking employment in the coal mine industry.

Every coal mining company must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed as a coal mine worker. The medical assessment must be carried out before the person is employed and periodically thereafter – with a complete assessment performed at least once every five years.

Prospective employees will complete an Interim Medical Assessment and enables the employer to assess your initial suitability for employment. The interim report contains NO medical information, only the need for conditions (such as wearing glasses, hearing devices, etc).

What is assessed at a Coal Board Medical?

  • Hearing Test
  • Auditory Canal Examination
  • Vision Test
  • Spirometry Test
  • Abdomen Examination
  • Skin Examination
  • Respiratory Questionnaire
  • Urinalysis
  • Cardiovascular System Examination
  • Musculoskeletal System Examination
  • Chest x-ray (ILO Standard)
  • Medical History

Chest x-ray International Labour (ILO) Standard is a classification of radiographs of pneumoconioses which is the accepted international standard to describe abnormalities in chest x-rays that indicate pneumoconioses.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a Coal Board Medical Take?
Please allow 90 minutes for your medical.

When do I get the results?
Same day results are available for morning appointments, for afternoon appointments the results are available early the next day. To avoid any delays, please ensure payment has been organised prior to the examination. Immediate results are available for some medicals or if specifically requested and pre-arranged.

What information is given to the employer?
There are laws protecting the confidentiality of the information contained within a Coal Board Medical and the results can only be released to the worker and/or an appointed representative. The legislation prohibits providing any documents other than the ‘Section 4’ to the employer.
How much does it cost?
Under Section 47 (3) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations 2001 the employer must pay for all , or part of the cost of the Health Assessment and not only by the mine-worker.

What do I need to bring?
Bring photo ID, corrective lenses and hearing aids (if worn) and wear loose comfortable clothing.

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